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Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking PaversInterlocking concrete paving is one of the most popular materials now-a-days for patios, porches, walkways & driveways.

Pavers offer unlimited design options and:

  • Pavers don’t break
  • Pavers don’t crack
  • Pavers don’t flake
  • Pavers don’t shrink or expand
  • Pavers are easy to maintain

A small section of pavers can also be removed if work was necessary underneath your patio or driveway, and then placed back down looking as good as new. The can also be replaced, saving you from having to redo your entire patio.

Here’s why masonry contractors recommend using pavers:

Superior Durability – Interlocking pavers, when installed properly, are 2 to 3 times stronger than poured concrete. Pavers are also weather resistant. They do not crack like asphalt and concrete, making them the ideal product for surfaces in a freeze/thaw environment.

Increased Curb Appeal – Paving stone manufacturers offer numerous design options to complement any architectural style and match any décor. With a range of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors, there is something to suit any individual taste.

Low Maintenance – Pavers are easily removed and replaced to allow access to underground utilities. If a repair does become necessary, individual paving stones can be reinstated like pieces of a puzzle without unsightly patches. Asphalt and concrete can not make this claim.

Easy on the Feet – Pavers are slip resistant in wet conditions, making them an excellent choice for pool decks where safety is an issue. Pavers are also better than poured concrete and asphalt from the standpoint that the joints can take on moisture and leave the surface cooler under foot.

Long-term Value – Our paving stone manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the paving stones. When considering maintenance and replacement costs of concrete and asphalt, pavers offer an economical, long-term advantage.

Environmentally Friendly – In contrast to other non-permeable surfaces, interlocking pavers allow rainwater to drain through the joints. This allows natural biological processes to filter contaminants from the water before they reach our waterways.

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